Wedding Season

I have been to three weddings this year.

I’ve heard so many people say that weddings are like buses, there are none for ages and then suddenly BOOM three in one year. I guess the deeper in to your twenties you get the more likely it is that friends and family your age will start getting engaged.  Which is bizarre to me as I’m probably as far from being married as it is humanly possible to be.

I don’t mean that in a negative way. I just have no desire for that level of commitment to anyone or anything in my life right now. I’m 23, in my first year in full time employment, I’ve just moved to London. So rather than settling down and making roots, the words on my lips are adventure, exploration and generally lots of new stuff.

However having attended three weddings in the space of four months I have found far more appreciation for the decision to tie your life completely with that of another person. It has been a true pleasure to witness the different styles and methods with which each couple chose to celebrate their special day.

My cousin was the groom at the first wedding. I’d never really thought of us all as grown ups until that day.


Their venue was a beautiful hotel in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The grounds were absolutely stunning and we took the opportunity to take some family snaps.


The second wedding was practically family, if not by blood. The bride was a family friend who I’ve known all my life.

One of my favourite things on their day was the use of the old school London bus to take us from the church venue to the reception venue.

DSC_3376 - Copy

Me and my sisters all dressed up.

DSC_3410 - Copy

Us girlies with the beautiful bride and her brother.

DSC_3418 - Copy


I had a far more active role in the third wedding. It was for one of my best friends and I had the absolute pleasure of being her Maid of Honour.

The night before the big day we had some much needed girl time.


This third wedding was far different again to the previous two. The chose a big country barn as their wedding venue which we decorated ourselves. Walking down the aisle ready to be witness to one of my best friends say her vows, I even had butterflies!



I was very pleased with myself for signing the write line in the register.


Rather than a fancy sit down meal we enjoyed a proper country picnic complete with hampers. It was unique, personal and ridiculously beautiful.


I loved each wedding in its own way and the happiness of watching a couple of people who are perfect for each other make their vows is truly infectious. It leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside.

I do hope that I will get married some day but for now I’m perfectly content to watch the people that mean most to me having the best day of their lives.


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