Tunisia: Sousse, Star Wars and Sun burn.

I’ve been on my travels once more, except this time I went much further afield to the sunny land of Tunisia for a week for a girlie holiday of Sousse, Star Wars and Sun burn with two of my besties from uni Jenny and Shiv.

Tunisia is an amazing, if a little bizarre, place. Unfortunately its been embroiled in political instability since my trip, making this a less than ideal holiday destination right now. I’m glad that I was able to see it before this unrest got too bad and hope that it will be safe again soon.

We packed a lot of sightseeing into our trip by taking a two day adventure trip around Tunisia as well as exploring the local area of Sousse. So without further ado this was my holiday in pictures…

My holiday buddies – me in the middle, Shiv on the right, Jenny on the left.


This is the 4th Largest Roman Amphitheatre in the world called El Djem and its apparently much better preserved than the Colosseum in Rome.. oh and a casual camel chilling outside.




This was a huge lunar landscape on the way to Matmata, a village in the Sahara, quite a surreal view!


Matmata is a village of cave dwellers, whole families who have built homes into the rock. We were invited to look around one. This was the grandmother who was making bread.


This was the kitchen, all of the rooms were so light and cool, a welcome refuge from the blazing heat.


The bedrooms. Their whole lifestyle was such a merge of old and modern – living in a cave, equipped with a television.



Next we headed further out into the Sahara on a more traditional mode of transport…


 I was very grateful for the head dress it was about 4.30pm but still about 40 degrees so the hour it took was plenty long enough!

We woke up at 4am to climb a sand dune and watch the sunrise over the Sahara. Unmissable.


This was a pool in a huge salt lake, it was absolutely massive and spectacular.


Next we took a horse carriage ride out into an oasis.




Our driver was awesome, he kept stopping to pick us fresh flowers and fruit from the trees.



We watched a 50 year old man climb a palm tree with his bare feet as easily as climbing a staircase.


Fashioning our flower gifts, a hibiscus flower and jasmine.



Next was my favourite thing EVEERRRRR, we went off roading in 4x4s over the Sahara desert. I felt like I was on Top Gear!


Driving over the sand dunes, a playground for cars. I just wished I could have got behind the wheel!


Our driver Aussama had his hands full with us three and three other girls we met on our trip. Scream if you want to go faster…

Our drive took us out into the middle of the Sahara to see an old Star Wars film set – again, most surreal.



Back in Sousse, we wondered into the local Medina, a huge market place full of scarves, jewellery, butchers, pottery… retail therapy!


One evening we wondered down to the Medina to a traditionally Tunisian dinner at a hidden little restaurant called Du Peuple.



Some of our dishes in the set meal deal. Jenny was a particular fan of the Tunisian salad. Each set meal was 7.5 Dinar (about £3) our entire meal for all three of us including drinks cost us about £13 – ridiculous really!


Fish of the day, so fresh you could taste the sea. Delicious!


Couscous is the most famous of Tunisian dishes and as amazing as this was we could finish it between us!


We could see straight into the kitchen, this was our awesome waiter.


Every table had a glass top with messages from previous customers underneath, so we left our own message after having the best meal of our holiday.


Enjoying our dinner.

We got all dressed up for our dinner date. What’s a holiday without a maxi dress hey?


Back at the hotel we hit the pool!


We each got henna tattoos done. Mine on my hand, Shiv on her foot and Jenny on her back.DSC_0713

One evening after (one to many) all-inclusive cocktails…


we went out to a club called Bananas to dance the night away.


There was even an African drummer playing along with the beat.



The next day… Back to the pool! Paradise.



The view of the sunset from our hotel balcony. Missing that view already…

Tunisia was not the first place I thought of when deciding on a holiday location but I’m so glad we settled on Sousse, I had a great week and came back with an impressive assortment of tan lines.

I hope Tunisia will be safe again one day so that more people can have the pleasure of seeing the beauty in this great country.


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  1. mehdi zohari
    July 25, 2013 / 4:12 pm

    awesome report.. actually I feel I was in Tunisia by reading this report. hope to host you in Iran .

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