Rachel on the Road: Roaming in Rome

I had never been to Italy and so was incredibly excited to be jetting off to the capitol with some pals for a few days back in April.

Rome is beautiful but of course you don’t need me to tell you that. Instead, I’m going to show you.

From the Trevi Fountain to Vatican city and everything in between, here is me roaming in Rome …

St Peter’s Basilica


Inside the Vatican


Vatican hallway

Vatican Gardens

View from the top of the Basilica


Rome landscape

These guys are actually lethal soldiers with intense military training. Suddenly bearskins don’t look to silly after all.

Swiss Guard

Next stop the Colosseum, it looks just like the movies.



Colosseum selfie? Of course.

Colosseum selfie

Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum

Palatine Rome

Palatine Rome

Roman Forum Rome

The Trevi Fountain, my personal favourite.

Trevi Fountain Rome

Following tradition, making a wish.

Trevi Fountain wish

Trevi Fountain

The river Tiber is rather pretty too

River Tiber Rome

River Tiber Rome

Castel Sant’ Angelo, as featured in Angels and Demons

Castel Sant' Angelo

and the view from the top. We did this climb on Sunday morning was mass was on at the Basilica, we could hear the singing from the top of the castle.


One of the most classic Italian sights I ever did see.


Some damn fine Italian coffee

Italian Coffee

and the world’s best tiramisu from Pompi

Pompi Tiramisu

Our final night meal, complete with gluten free menu for Row and plenty of wine.

Dinner Rome

I really wanted to love Rome and it was indeed beautiful. The wine was good and the pizza was even better. And yet, with such a high number of street merchants waiting to rip you off and so many tat shops stocking shot glasses with the Pope’s face on that I felt Rome had somewhat lost its way. Of course, being one of the world’s most famous cities this is, to some degree, inevitable. However I believe the volume of those willing to take the city’s fame in vain has started to tip the balance away from culture and into tourist pulp.

Regardless, I love seeing new places and Rome was nothing like any other city I have ever been and this in itself is always enough to put a big smile on my face.

Rachel Rome




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