In the City that Never Sleeps

Day 3 already, where was the time flying off to exactly? We woke up in the city that never sleeps (it may not but we certainly did!), got ourselves wrapped up warm for another day of sightseeing and hit the streets, cameras in hand.

Every street you walk down in New York there is another landmark or famous building, on our way to the Rockefeller Centre we walked past Radio City Music Hall that was in full swing of its Christmas Extravaganza that we saw adverts for all over the city.

Radio City

Seeing the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree was one of the things I’d been most looking forward to, it is iconic after all. However to our great disappoint when we arrived we found it covered in scaffolding because there appeared to be some major pruning going on. It was still great to see everyone enjoying the ice skating though. We had considered skating ourselves but as a lovely friend of mine once said to me “you’re like Bambi on solid ground, let alone putting you on ice”, so I figured it wasn’t worth the trip to the emergency room.

Rockefeller Skating

We had booked tickets to go up to the observation deck at the top of the Rockefeller Centre known as Top of the Rock. I recommend booking in advance as its very popular and unlikely you’ll get a time slot straight away. So we got our tickets and wandered around for awhile until it was our turn.

Rockefeller Centre

Loved the little Lego replica of the Centre, as did this little girl.

Rockefeller Centre Lego Rockefeller Centre (2) New York Christmas

Before going up to the observation deck, you have to go through a procedure not dissimilar to security at the airport. They also give you a very cheesy photo opportunity, which of course we snapped up.


Then to get to the Top of the Rock, you have to shoot up 67 floors in a lift so quickly that it makes your ears pop. When you get to the top however, my oh my…

Top of the Rock (2)

You can see for miles and miles and miles and miles…

Top of the Rock (3)


Rachel and Sharni New York New York City View

When we made our way down we grabbed a quick bite to eat from Auntie Annie’ and headed back out into the chilly wind.

Auntie Anne's

  Next on the agenda was Grand Central Station and the Christmas Market inside.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station Christmas Market

Me and Sharni both fell in love with these lockets with images of New York on and we both gave one a new home.


 This wasn’t the only Christmas market we found, they were sprinkled throughout the New York parks.

New York Christmas Market

 We then headed back to the wonder that is Times Square.

Times Square

 The shop we probably spent most time in was the Disney Store, we have our priorities right.

New York Disney Store

I fell in love with a Minnie Mouse Statue of Liberty cup, as you can see from my ecstatic expression.

Disney New York

 Possibly most exciting of all is the life size Sven they had upstairs. They were also playing the Frozen soundtrack so we came out humming “let it go, let it go, I’m one with the wind and skkyyyyy”.

New York Disney Frozen

 During our wanderings around Times Square we got talking to a guy who was flogging tickets for the New York Comedy Club. Give him his dues, he was a good sales man and knocked even more money off the ticket price for us and reserved us a table. New York comedy works differently to London, instead of having 3 or so comedians having half an hour on stage to deliver a set, New York has a long line of comedians who get approximately ten minutes on stage each. Although this gives great variety, I found it didn’t give them enough time to establish themselves on stage and really perform to the best of their ability because they were so conscious of the time. Plus, we weren’t impressed to discover that what the sales dude hadn’t told us was that the bar had a two drink minimum policy and neither of us were fussed on drinking so ended up buying drinks that we left practically full on the table. We ended up leaving before the end (it was about quarter to midnight at this point) because we were absolutely shattered and managed to stumble our weary heads back to our apartment. I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow. One more day to go…

New York Comedy Club


20 thoughts on “In the City that Never Sleeps

  1. Souzapalooza

    I love Top of the Rock better than the top of the Empire State Building because when you are Top of The Rock, you still get the skyline feel seeing the ESB, however, if you are on the ESB I feel like you miss out cause you are on top of the best part of the skyline. Does that make sense?

  2. David Howell

    My better half and I were there last year– all the places you mention! We stayed at the Waldorf and went on a massive site-seeing bonanza, including Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, etc. The double-decker bus was awesome for seeing lots of stuff. Great city– I’d love to go back soon.

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