The Big Blogger Conference

On Saturday 22nd August I joined the many bloggers converging on Russell Square for the LDN Meetup Big Blogger Conference. Spoiler alert – it was awesome!

I went a little vintage for my outfit of choice. I’m in love with this dress.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Armed with camera, notebook and tablet, I got myself to the stunning Russell Hotel.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference


The morning began with three workshops by some amazing bloggers. First we heard from Sarah of The Prosecco Diaries on how to make your blog into a business, how to monetize, work with brands and maximise engagement whilst maintaining your own integrity. She gave us some great insight into how she manages to be her own boss, blog for a living and keep her own brand on point.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Our second workshop was given to us by Laura who is a brand ambassador for Pinterest. She talked us through the right way to use Pinterest and its benefits. I must admit Pinterest is not a platform I’ve really invested much time in but by the end of her demonstration I was determined to pay more attention to it both as a promotion tool but also for my inspiration searching.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Our final workshop was from the lovely Jasmin Charlotte who imparted her wisdom on all things SEO. I love Jasmin’s blog, her tech posts are easy to follow and packed full of great tips – I would thoroughly recommend checking out her Bloggers’ Guide to SEO and Tools to Improve Your Blog.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Then we broke for lunch and got ourselves geared up for the afternoon’s programme.

I must applaud the choice of venue, I have never seen a toilets so perfect for a huge group of beauty and fashion bloggers – mirrors everywhere!

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Which meant only one thing – selfie time!

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Brand Exhibition

The afternoon was dedicated to a huge brand exhibition. The room was laid out with brands promoting products and services who all had one thing in common, they recognise the power of the blogosphere in marketing and are all open to working with bloggers. Some of these brands included:

Suti – a luxury skin care brand. This restorative balm smelt DIVINE. 

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Sass – a brand who has created a new line of intimate toiletries to help maintain the right PH balance but presented in discreet and elegant packaging.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

House of Fraser – A brand I’m sure you all know!

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Shoeaholics – an online shoe merchant who have amazing sales and also, amazing cupcakes.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Heaven – Luxury skincare brand renowned for their bee venom face mask that I am intrigued to try as its been dubbed “botox in a jar”. 
Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference BeauBronz – Self Tan. Now I have never used fake tan before but I have got some rather impressive tan line since returning from Japan so I will be using the bottle very generously gifted to me to even out my white bits, wish me luck!
Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Bee Good – beauty products made using honey. These products all smelt incredible and it was great to hear how they’ve been including bloggers in the manufacturing process as well as to review their products. They’ve got some exciting products just about to be launched so next time you’re in Waitrose goes and hunt them out!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Big Blogger Conference Rachel Tries Life ¦ Big Blogger Conference

My Favourite Brands

There were a few of brands however that made a fantastic impression on me that appeared to go above and beyond all expectations.

Jewellery Box

 They are a fantastic online jewellery store who offer sterling silver jewellery at an affordable price and what’s more, its all absolutely gorgeous.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference  I fell in love with a pair of silver dinosaur earrings, perhaps an unconventional choice but they struck a cord with me.

I was then given a little present by the lovely lady manning their stall and told there were two products inside and me, not being able to contain myself opened my present on the spot and to my absolute delight was greeted with this…

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

I had a great time chatting to them about their work with bloggers, taking silly photos and learning more about their brand.

Rachel Tries Life¦Big Blogger Conference

They are definitely a brand I will be spending money with in future and one I would love to work with. They currently have a pop up store down in Brixton until 20th September and would thoroughly recommend you pay them a visit!

Look Fantastic

If you’ve not heard of this brand, they are a subscription service for beauty products. Each month they send you a box of goodies and to everyone’s amazement they gifted each attendee at the conference with a complete month’s box.

Inside we received all of these goodies:

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Big Blogger Conference

I’ve not tried any of these products before so I can’t wait to dive in, get testing and post a full review.

The Parlour

My last favourite is not a brand as such but a salon. Based in Chiswick The Parlour pride themselves on providing a down to earth, fun and quality service.

Visiting their stall meant the opportunity for a hair make over. This is not something I could resist.

On clocking the vintage vibe I’d gone with for my outfit they suggested providing me with a hair do to match so, putting my faith in the lovely lady armed with hundreds of bobby pins I let her create me a surprise style and this is what she came up with…

I absolutely loved it.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Big Blogger Conference

I’m not going to lie, I’m not usually the salon kinda girl. I have the added advantage that my best mate is a hairdresser and so I usually don’t trust my locks to anyone but her but I will definitely being paying this one a visit. Their offer for cocktails, cake and a blow dry on a Friday for £20 cannot be missed.

Thank You

If that wasn’t enough of an awesome day we came away with shed loads of sample products to try out and review. Not only this the gifted some amazing raffle prizes of which I won a complete set of Heaven Skin Care for men, trust me to win the one prize I can’t use myself but I’m donating it to a friend who I’m sure will put it to very good use!

I want to say a massive thank you to all the brands and speakers that got involved with the conference. It was an incredible day and one that reminded me why I love blogging so much and that’s because you get to be creative, meet extraordinary people and do some amazing things.

My other big thank you goes out to Lauren, Abi and Jenny who are the names behind LDN Meetups. I know they slaved away for months getting everything ready and they did an absolutely amazing job, thank you ladies!

If you want to get involved with LDN Blogger Events then make sure you’re following @LDNmeetups on twitter and get signed up to their database.


  1. Ahh such a good post, and great photos! Thanks so much for coming
    See you sat!! xxxx

    1. RachelTriesLife

      Thanks! It was an amazing day! Can’t wait for Saturday 😀 xxx

  2. Looks pretty neat!! I’ll have to start looking into these if they’re around me!

    1. RachelTriesLife

      You should definitely look for meet up groups near you, events are one of the best bits about blogging!

    1. RachelTriesLife

      I’d never tried them before, I have a subscription with You Beauty which is ok but you just get SO much more product with Look Fantastic! x

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