Rachel on the Road: Our Final Day in Dublin

Day 3. The morning after the night before and we were all looking surprisingly fresh faced and ready for our final day in Dublin.

Dublin (145)

Dublin (147)

Well, some of us at least…
Dublin (146)

We decided to take the train out of the city centre to the seaside town of Howth, this was the best idea we’ve ever had. Howth is gorgeous. It’s like Dublin’s answer to Whitstable in Kent but prettier, much prettier.

Before you even get off the train you’re greeted to a view of the beautiful sandy beach. As soon as you leave the station Howth Market pulls you in. Its only small but its full of tasty treats and sparkly things. Dublin (157)

Dublin (158)

    Dublin (156)   Dublin (162) Dublin (164) Dublin (167) Dublin (169)

Howth is primarily a fishing town which means its well stocked with amazing seafood restaurants who all fill their menus full of dishes made from the local produce. Our guide booking and googling came in handy at this point in choosing our lunch venue and we headed for a place on the West pier called The Oar House which had a lovely view looking out over the harbour and up to the cliffs.

Dublin (182)

 Dublin (175) Dublin (178) Dublin (181)  Everything on the menu looked fantastic as did everyone else’s food that had already arrived, I totally papped this couple’s seafood sharing platter but just look at those prawns!

Dublin (186)

I finally setlled on the plaice in a chorizo and garlic butter with a side of herb cous cous. I was VERY happy with my decision.

Dublin (187)

Shiv opted for the whole sole in almond butter with creamy mash, in fact it turned out to be 2 whole fish!

Dublin (189)

Jenny, being the wild child that she is, ordered two starters for her main. Crab cakes and prawn bruschetta.

Dublin (191)   Dublin (195)

 After lunch we walked down the pier and admired the other fishmongers. These fellas reminded be of the Billy Bass – Don’t worry (doo doo) be happy (doo doo).Dublin (199) Dublin (200)

At the end of the pier was this delightful little lighthouse.

Dublin (208)

And this dude who is pretty ace at the whole busking thing. He did a particularly beautiful cover of Ed Sheeran’s The Parting Glass.

Dublin (216)

We sat and listened for a while and admired the view.

Dublin (222) Dublin (224)   Dublin (238)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while now you will know I’m a sucker for a good view. I like climbing tall things, I love the feeling of reaching the top and having a stunning view roll out in front of you as your reward. In Edinburgh it was the Scott Monument, BBC Radio tower in Liverpool and you can do much worse than St Paul’s Cathedral in our very own London town. In Howth its the cliff tops. Jenny and Shiv, being lovely enough to indulge me in my climbing tendency, agreed to follow the road up to the cliff top.

As we began our walk the view steadily improved.

Dublin (232) Dublin (242)

Dublin (250)  Dublin (263)

We got this far and I was pretty please with our progress…    Dublin (280)

But then we found a path that went higher…

Dublin (282)

The next level up was definitely a Kodak moment.

Dublin (285)

Getting back from my chosen photo position was a little more difficult and less elegant than I’d anticipated!

Dublin (289)

Then guess what, the path lead even HIGHER. This was turning out to be the best day ever.

Dublin (293)  Dublin (307) Dublin (308)

So what began as an innocent pursuit of a good view turned into a three and half hour hike around Howth’s costal paths. I must say a heart felt apology to my buddies for this, particularly Jenny who was wearing little pumps that day – you were an absolute trooper!

Dublin (318)

Dublin (328)

Dublin (321) Dublin (325) Dublin (337)

Many hours later when we returned to sea level Shiv decided it was time for me and Jenny to experience our first oyster. I am not a lover of seafood and the idea of swallowing something that looks like a giant bogey was not one I relished.

However, I’m also not one to turn my back on new experiences so I agreed.

Dublin (352) Dublin (353)

I sprinkled it with lemon juice, braced myself and tipped it down my throat. It was cold and slimey. I felt it slide the whole way down my throat. It was not a pleasant feeling. The waitress informed me that my skewed faces were perfectly normal for an oyster rookie. I couldn’t shake the lingering after taste and decided I was not a fan of oysters, however much of a delicacy they may be!

On our last evening in Dublin, after our mighty hike, we were in need of many carbs so we went hunting for an Italian restaurant which we found back down near Temple Bar.

I ordered a huge bowl of cheesy pesto pasta and it was soooooooooooooo damn good.

Dublin (356)

We toasted our final evening and happily drank our wine and discussed life, the universe and everything.

Dublin (355)

We headed back to our little house for a few hours kip before waking at a hideously early hour to hop it back to the airport. We were back on London soil by mid morning.

Dublin is not a pretty city. There isn’t even that much to do. However if you are a fan of good beer, whiskey, live music and are willing to take a trip outside the city centre for some fresh Irish air you’ll find everything you could want for a mini break.

P.S plus, who doesn’t absolutely melt at the sound of an Irish accent…


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