Rachel on the Road: Dublin, Day 2

Day 2 in Dublin and the sun was shining!

Day two was a day of discoveries. For example, did you know that in Ireland Primark is called Penney’s. Not only this but that Primark was actually founded in Dublin so Penney’s is its real name – mind blown!

Dublin (104)

We decidedly that we should do something cultural because we are sophisticated young ladies who like to educate ourselves on the history of the places we visit… or something like that.

We’d been recommended the free walking tour (by free they mean you don’t pay to the end and you decide how much you think the tour was worth) which began at Dublin Castle.

This is Dublin Castle.

Dublin (59)

Not very impressive, I know. We learned from our animated tour guide Alita that the original was burned down and as it was rebuilt through the centuries and decades the various extensions took on the architectural traits of that era. The result of which is the traditionally designed castle turret with a Gothic chapel and a Georgian courtyard. Oh and the 1970s also threw up on the back of it…

Dublin (60)

The part of the castle we were quite taken with were the gardens. Its just a lovely little green space, hidden from anyone whose not seeking it out. If you are visiting then I will pass on to your our tour guides recommendations, the state apartments are ok to visit but much the same as any other state apartments. The best thing to visit is the Chester Beatty Library where you can also gain access to the roof for a great view over the city – this is one of the things if we’d had more time I would definitely liked to have done. All the more reason to go back one day!

Dublin (106)

We continued our tour and Anita did a fab job of explaining Ireland’s complicated (and quite violent) history in her Argentinian/Irish hybrid accent.

Dublin (110)

On our break, which was much needed half way into a 3 hour tour, we stopped off at this little cafe, The Joy of Cha, which does an amazing array of tea (if you’re into that sort of thing) as well as a variety of tasty hot and cold treats. Apparently they also do a fantastic breakfast menu.
Dublin (114)

On our wanderings we passed the famous Temple Bar pub which, so I’m told, is one of the most photographed sights in Europe. The name comes from the family that used to own it and in all honesty I’m not entirely sure why its so famous. Its just a pub and an over priced one at that!

The temple bar area has some cool stalls and was always full of buskers, so worth a walk through but beware, it turns a bit rough in the evenings.

Dublin (117)

We were delighted to see the Dublin Pride banners waving high right along the riverside, Pride started the day we arrived and there was a whole agenda full of events, talks, club nights etc lined up over the next week, leading up to the big parade the following Saturday. Given that Ireland have just become the first country to legalize gay marriage via a referendum (WOO go Ireland!) Pride promised to be bigger and better than ever!

Dublin (119)

After walking our socks off all over Dublin we were in much need of a drink. Shiv and I figured whilst in Dublin it would be rather rude not to have at least one Guinness. The only time I have ever consumed Guinness before (I’m not a beer, ale or stout drinker in the slightest) is in Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes – I will have to post my recipe at some point.

However, when in Rome and all that. We decided to just share a pint.

Dublin (121) Dublin (122)

Yep – still not a fan.

Dublin (123)

Right, back to the house. Some oven pizzas, a couple of bottles of wine and a few rounds of Heads Up later and we hit the town. We were told of a magical place called Coppers. If you want a sophisticated night out, I’d suggest perhaps researching alternatives. If you’re happy chatting and dancing with random people all night and dancing to cheesy music, this may well be up your street.

We are fans of the cheesy music and chatting with random people option – aided by Jagerbombs.

Dublin (133) Dublin (134) Dublin (135) Dublin (137) Dublin (138)  Dublin (141) Dublin (142)

Dublin (144)

After much dancing, drinking and photobombing we jumped in a taxi to get some well needed sleep, especially because our third day was going to be our final and best of the bunch!


    1. It baffled me for quite some time, everyone was walking around with penney’s bags and I was like… err what happened to Primark?? Then all became clear. The shop itself however, is exactly the same!

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