Rachel in the Kitchen: Cherry Bakewell Cake

It is my sister’s birthday today. We all know you cannot have a birthday without a birthday cake. So I got my baking cap on and came up with my cakey twist on the cherry bakewell. If you would like to attempt my recipe you will require the following…


220g self raising flour

120g dark muscovado sugar

100g caster sugar

220g or unsalted butter or margarine

4 large eggs

100g ground almond

almond flavouring

1 jar cherry jam

approximately 100g icing sugar


Mixing bowl, wooden spoon, 2 small round cake tins (can use one big tin but will need to adjust cooking time), grease proof paper or butter and optional wire racks for cooling.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Cherry Bakewell Cake


I want to say from the outset that this is a very easy recipe, anyone can give it a go and I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with the result. Its what I call a ‘chuck it all in’ recipe, you’ll soon see why!

The first thing to do is prepare your cake tins. I used greaseproof paper because I don’t have spring release bases in these tins, alternatively you can smear the tins with butter as I did in my Raspberry Ripple Brownies recipe. Set these to one side and pre heat your oven to 180 degrees.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Cherry Bakewell Cake

So now comes the ‘chuck it all in part. Get your mixing bowl and  chuck in your caster sugar, your dark muscovado sugar, your self raising flour, baking powder, 4 eggs and unsalted butter. Then simply mix it all together until it is a smooth consistency.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Cherry Bakewell Cake Cherry Bakewell Cake (5) Cherry Bakewell Cake (6) Cherry Bakewell Cake (7)

Once you reached a lovely degree of smoothness, add in your ground almonds and almond flavouring and mixey mixey!

Cherry Bakewell Cake (8)

At this stage, there is a very important test you have to run, its non negotiable. Get a spoon and have a taste! I’m serious, this is important because you can test the balance of almond. I’ve always found cakes to follow the rule that if the mixture tastes good, the cake will taste good so this is the point to adapt the ingredients as needed. Go on…

Cherry Bakewell Cake (9)

You know you wanna…

Cherry Bakewell Cake (10)

Now time to grab your tins and share the mixture equally between the two tins.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (11) Cherry Bakewell Cake (12)

Put them in the over, preferably on the same shelf and leave for 30 minutes.

  Cherry Bakewell Cake (14)

You’ll be left with a bowl that looks a little something like this…

Cherry Bakewell Cake (13)

Don’t judge me, its got to be done.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (15)

After 30 minutes take your beautiful golden brown cakes out of the oven.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (16) Cherry Bakewell Cake (17)

If you have wire racks, GENTLY (freshly baked cakes are incredibly fragile) move the cakes out of the tins and on to the racks, if you don’t have these, chopping boards will do!

Cherry Bakewell Cake (18)

As your cakes cool down you can prepare the icing for the top. Tip out your icing sugar into a bowl. Very gradually, in incredibly small quantities begin to add water. I mean a few drops at a time because the consistency will change very quickly.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (19)

When the icing is still thick and gloopy, substitute water for a couple of drops of the almond flavouring for an extra bakewell boost!

Cherry Bakewell Cake (20)

Your ideal consistency should slowly and steadily run off of a spoon.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (26)

Once your sponges have cooled to room temperature you can add your cherry jam filling. I used Tesco’s Finest Morello Cherry Conserve.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (21)

Don’t be stingy with the filling. Go for the big dollop!

  Cherry Bakewell Cake (22)

And spread evenly over the cake that will be your bottom layer.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (23) Cherry Bakewell Cake (24)

Then squidge your top layer cake on top.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (25)

Then dribble your icing all over the top of your cake, again don’t be frugal with helpings.

  Cherry Bakewell Cake (27) Cherry Bakewell Cake (28)

Then sprinkly your almond flakes in the centre

Cherry Bakewell Cake (29)

Last but by no means least, grab your glace cherries, halve them and place them around the edge of your cake in a circle.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (30)

Et voila, my cherry bakewell cake !

Cherry Bakewell Cake (31) Cherry Bakewell Cake (32) Cherry Bakewell Cake (33)

Go on, give it a go, its a piece of cake! What’s your favourite cake recipe?

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Cherry Bakewell Cake


  1. Your cake looks fabulous Rachel! I usually make cherry pie, but this recipe might convert me yet!

  2. This makes me really miss having an oven – Japanese housing just doesn’t cater for the cake lover!

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