Rachel goes to Reading Festival 2014: Day 1

On Thursday I swapped the confines of the office for the open fields at Reading Festival 2014 with my buddy Row. I packed everything I would need for the next four days on my back.


Once we’d set up camp and spent an hour and half queuing in Tesco to buy our weekend’s supplies, we settled down to plan our timetable of music. For any festival goer clashfinder is a must, saves the £10 you have to pay out for the official programme!


Being incredibly rock and roll, we turned in for an early night to make sure we’d be up for the musical kick off on the Friday. We weren’t the only keen beans however. We joined the masses waiting to get into the arena.


Knowing how quickly the t shirts go flying off the shelves we made sure to swing by the merch stand early on. We left being T shirt buddies both picking up the dark blue T with the headphones on.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014

Then it was straight to the festival republic tent to fill our ears with some of the best up and coming artists. First up were Southern. Fronted by a brother and sister duo, they will definitely be taking a spot in my iTunes.


Second were Hudson Taylor an Irish band with good tunes and even better harmonies.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014

DSC_2619 - Copy

Third came The Districts, all the way from Philadelphia. Not really my style and the front man was, interesting, to say the least.


They were followed by Darlia. Who were musically alright I suppose but they were beyond arrogant. I’m surprised we all fit in the tent with the size of the singer’s ego. We would have left sooner if we hadn’t made the mistake of being at the front and therefore having hundreds of moshing teenagers between us and the exit. We left after watching the unnecessary and unwarranted smashing of a very nice guitar.

After that we made our way over to the main stage. Deaf Havana made far better listening.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014

This is Row’s excited face.


And we were both very happy to see the sunshine. Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014

I then branched off to go and see Mallory Knox grace the NME stage. Watch out for their new album coming out in October.

DSC_2646 DSC_2662

They were followed by Twin Atlantic who were a true crowd pleaser. Heart and Soul has never sounded better.


We then managed to sneak into the back of the alternative stage to watch Bill Bailey‘s set which was truly inspired. Who else can produce a Jamaican Dub Step version of the Downton Abbey theme tune?


Back to the main stage we get in a good spot for Vampire Weekend‘s set. I’m not an avid fan but they are harmless and have some catchy melodies.


DSC_2713Then the real excitement began to build ready for the first head liner of the night. 
Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014



DSC_2729 - Copy

They covered us in streamers for a little extra flair.

DSC_2735 DSC_2738 - Copy

I have a serious girl crush on Hayley Williams.

DSC_2740 DSC_2750 - Copy

Then it went a bit wrong.. the sound system went down. With only one working microphone however Paramore sat on the edge of the stage in front of thousands of waiting spectators and sang a beautifully genuine rendition of The Only Exception. It should never have happened but I’m sure glad it did.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014 DSC_2777 Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014

This is the third time I have seen them live and they never disappoint. Miss Williams has one hell of a set of lungs on her and their energy on stage wore me out just watching them. If you get the chance to see them, grab it.


But that wasn’t it, no Reading pulled a double head liner for our first night. Queens of the Stone Age had the last slot.

I had never really listened to much of their stuff apart from their new album in preparation for the festival but I definitely will be after Friday. They are suave and accomplished on stage. Beyond that they had the laser display of the century. A feast for both the eyes and ears.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Reading Festival 2014




One day down, two to go. We were in need of a good night’s sleep. Shame our beds were on the cold, hard ground.


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  1. September 12, 2014 / 9:54 am

    Awesome rundown, sounds like it was so much fun already on Day 1!

    I love how Paramore always put something extra in for the crowd, did they perform ‘Ain’t it fun’?

    I was actually on the train into Reading when the festival was on so the most that I got was a sad little look at the stage from the carriage window, it looked very lively!

    • September 12, 2014 / 10:15 am

      I love Paramore, Hayley’s voice is out of this world even when she’s running around the stage and YES! They played Ain’t it Fun as their finale! Lively was definitely one word for it. The whole weekend was awesome.

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