Pretending to be posh in Roux at Parliament Square

Me and my sisters decided to take advantage of a tempting little deal on Top Table last week. This was for a cheese and wine tasting evening at one of MichelRoux Jr’s very fancy London establishments – Roux at Parliament Square

My London roamings don’t
often take me to Westminster so I was nicely reminded how beautiful it looks at night.


DSC_2169Roux at Parliament Square itself is a very inconspicuous building. The Grimmauld Place effect (Harry Potter reference anyone?) Unless you were particularly looking for it, you’d walk right past.



I’m not used to going to such high profile places. So naturally I was quite excited!


As you walk inside your greeted with a rather magnificent portrait of the big man himself.


Before being shown upstairs to the lounge bar.



A very lovely French waitress then introduced herself and brought us the menu of cheese and wine.


She then explained to us the flavours of the cheese we could choose to taste and offered to help choose us some complimentary wines to match to them.

Then she wheeled over the cheese board…



The cheese was very tasty although, to say the portions were not generous, would be an understatement.

The wine went down a treat however and we all became a little merry before too long!


Although in my humble opinion, 3 small pieces of cheese and 3 (half) glasses of wine is not worth £24, the experience was quite fabulous!

However, can you really put a price on quality time with family?



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