Copenhagen, as with so many of the Scandinavian countries, is notoriously expensive. Having decided to do a spontaneous solo trip recently, the purse strings were tight. However, with a little bit of planning I found some great bargains and shortcuts for the thrifty traveller. Here is: How to do Copenhagen… View Post

I am very wary of naming something “the best” anything. However, when I was told that Bertel’s Salon had the best cheesecake in Copenhagen, I simply had to do my own taste test. It would be rude not to right? After tucking in to some traditional Danish dinner at Skank… View Post

I’m ashamed at myself in fact that it has taken me this long to visit the Harry Potter Studios but SPOILER ALERT, it was so worth the wait. Let me warn you now. This post is going to contain A LOT of photos. I have absolutely no shame in telling… View Post

Are you looking for an idea of what to do for a Hen Do? Or just fancy doing something a little different and maybe even a little crafty? Look no further than Drink Shop Do! We found them whilst hunting for activity ideas for my sister’s hen do.  The combination of… View Post