Relax and Revitalise in the New Forest

I did not have a great start to the year. With upsets in both my personal and professional life, I hadn’t really been feeling much like myself. Which has had a knock on effect to my blogging habits. I simply have not been able to sit down and put pen to paper or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard.

Then my buddy James, also having had a crazy time at work recently, had a light bulb moment and suggested we go to a spa for a weekend for some pampering, good food and just a chance to relax and revitalise. We settled on the Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel Resort and Spa in Lymington in the New Forest.

After driving through the idyllic landscapes and whizzing past many impressive looking hotels we were hopeful we’d made a good choice. We were not disappointed.

New Forest (11)

After dumping our bags in our room, which although a little retro in taste, was comfortable and homely, we immediately took a stroll through the gardens to look out over the water and back up at the impressive view of the hotel itself.

New Forest (5)

New Forest (2)

Just breathing in the fresh sea air, I could feel myself physically relaxing. I often forget how smoggy London is until you runaway to the country and it feels like you’ve not been using your lungs properly for months.

We each had the first of our two spa treatments that afternoon with me opting for a facial and J having something that both of us referred to as “some foot thing” which was, apparently, very nice. We then, making full use of the facilities at our disposal, got straight into the pool.

Swimming always has a way of making me feel very zen and as we sat bubbling away in the Jacuzzi I began to remember what it feels like to relax.

We headed back up and got changed to go for dinner. We not only had breakfast included in the cost of our deal but also a three course dinner in their fancy restaurant for both nights of our stay – don’t mind if we do!

New Forest (16)

The food was pretty damn tasty too! The duck which I chose for my main course was so heavenly that James had to convince me not to have it two nights in a row. Topped off with a decent bottle of red, we were well and truly on holiday!

New Forest (18)

The next day we realised we might have been a little too relaxed and after not setting an alarm almost slept through our appointments for our full body massage, missing hotel breakfast in the process. After another cheeky swim we decided to get a bit active and hire a pair of bikes to go and explore some iconic New Forest scenery.

New Forest (32)

New Forest (37)

We took our time over 3 hours winding our way round a 12 mile loop, breathing in more of that delicious country air and getting the creaky muscles moving.

New Forest (68)

Another evening of proper good nosh, a bottle and a nightcap later, we had a decent night’s sleep before reluctantly checking out the next morning.

Refusing to let our little city escape be over quite yet, we diverted our route home to do a little more New Forest exploring, this time by foot. James even got his wish of stroking a New Forest pony.

New Forest (88)

Leaving the New Forest behind us but making a pit stop in Winchester for a pub lunch, we promised ourselves that spa breaks would make a regular appearance in our calendars from now on.

New Forest (89)

We booked our “Rebalance and Recharge” deal through Last Minute. This included two night’s accommodation, breakfast both mornings, a three course dinner both evenings, one two course lunch and two spa treatments for £179 per person – a bargain if you ask me!

Feeling a little less tense and a little more like myself, I’m ready to break the bloggers block and get back on the writing pony, hurray!


  1. This sounds like it was the perfect weekend getaway! It’s so nice to have a time out once in a while…

    1. RachelTriesLife

      Definitely, it was much needed! Love the country air 🙂

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