Month of the Starfish: Beautiful, Alluring, Superficial or Shallow

The starfish is a natural and exquisite beauty, mesmerising to all. Being around someone with starfish energy is a thrill, like you’ve been put under a spell of divinity itself. The problem is, these creatures have been reliant on how they look (and what other people think of them) for so long that they may have forgotten their life’s deeper calling. When this card appears it’s important to ask: Am I being swayed by outward appearances? What dreams have I put aside to please others?

When in Balance: Uplifting, artistic, expressive

When out of Balance: gossips, feels empty

To Bring into Balance: positive friends

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans 

Rachel Tries Life: Month of the Starfish

Last month my tarot reading had been eerily accurate. This month, not so much.

The month of the starfish is supposed to represent a mesmerising energy that, whilst beautiful, can become too reliant on outer appearance, becoming shallow and superficial. The questions this card recommended I ask myself: Am I being swayed by outward appearances? What dreams have I put aside to please others? this month just seem wholly irrelevant.

Actually this month if anything, the energy I’ve been feeling is the polar opposite of the starfish. Which I guess is a positive thing. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m on the right track. That has all been as a result of a lot of internal reflection rather than outer interventions.

If I wanted to read further into it, then perhaps it seems irrelevant because this month I have been “in balance”. I have definitely been feeling uplifted, artistic and expressive. I’ve been really hitting my stride with my bullet journal and I’ve been enjoying blogging more regularly again.

I’ve also been spending quality time with friends and family, which generally makes me feel content with life.

Rachel Tries Life: Month of the Starfish

I have never been someone to put any real value on outer appearances. I’ve always found personality far more interesting than someone’s looks. I’ve never bought into big fashion brands – Primark and New Look make up at least 80% of the clothes in my wardrobe. It wouldn’t bother me if all makeup was suddenly banned from the earth. The question “would you rather be smart and ugly or stupid and beautiful?” has never been a difficult question to me.

However I think I have lessons to learn from “starfishes” because I feel myself becoming a hypocrite when confronted with people like this. I have a tendency to dismiss them as shallow. Like “you judge other people by the way they look so I don’t want to get to know you”. Then, aren’t I just as bad? I’ve made an assumption that that person is not worth getting to know.

So this is my take away from February – don’t be dismissive of people that I attribute the starfish qualities to. Not everyone has the same values as me and that’s okay. In fact, its a good thing coz if everyone was the same that would be hella boring.

“would you rather be smart and ugly or stupid and beautiful?”

And Why?

Rachel Tries Life: Month of the Starfish





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