Undergoing Great Change

Month of the Butterfly: Undergoing Great Change and Transformation

The Energy of the butterfly is with us during periods of transition. Since Air is the element of the heart, this change usually involves relationships (or if you love your job – perhaps career). Since transition is accompanied by some amount of discomfort, be patient and kind during this time, especially if the Butterfly is you. Let solid friends and activities support you like a “cocoon”. Committing to one daily routine (a meal, practice or prayer) done at the same place and time, will do wonders for lifting a Butterfly’s Spirit.

When in Balance: Cheerful, graceful

When Out of Balance: Fragile, Frustrated 

To Bring in to Balance: Daily Routine 

*The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans 

Undergoing Great Change

That was my tarot card reading for the month of January.

January has been an odd month for me, there is no denying it has been one of great change.

This month is the beginning of a new career for me. I handed in my notice at my last job back at the beginning of December after four years working for The Scout Association. I have taken a career leap into a completely different sector; a leap that I’m really excited about.

I have to enjoy my work. I cannot deliver quality work unless I believe that the work is worth doing. Regardless of the challenges I faced in my time at The Scouts (there were a fair few to put it politely) I always believed that my work was worth doing. Nevertheless, four years is a long time and for me, it was the right time to find a new challenge.

Working for The Scouts helped me realise that humans fascinate me and that, whatever I did next, working with lots of people would have to be a key factor. I also realised that helping people overcome challenges, stretch themselves and develop personally brought me the most immense job satisfaction. Hence why I’ve pursued a role which involves helping others figure out what they want to do and teaches them how to use their skills and experience to achieve their career goals.

One of the side benefits in this career change means that I have a lot more time. I no longer have to work evenings and weekends and in this time I have naturally found myself seeking out those activities which are recommended for a butterfly. I’ve spent more time with my “cocoon” of awesome people – friend and family.  The novelty of not having to respond with “I need to check my work diary” when somebody asks me if I’m busy in a few weekends time, has definitely not worn off yet.

I have also begun a bullet journal. Which I add to (almost) every evening before I go to sleep. I find it therapeutic, it definitely has lifted my spirits. The combination of a creative outlet and organisational tool has helped me really focus on how I want to spend my time and plan in more things that simply make me happy.

In general January is the month of the butterfly for a lot of people. It acts as a mental fresh page as the new year kicks in.

I’m not massively into making new year’s resolutions, my rational brain tells me that 1st January is just another day like any other. However this time around, change has been unavoidable and I am grateful for that.

Moving out of a high pressure role into a more relaxed working atmosphere has given me far more mental energy than I was expecting. When I get home in the evening I want to do something. I want to use my brain. I want to spend time with people. I want to do activities. Before, I don’t think I realised quite how exhausted I was a lot of the time.

Yes change can be uncomfortable but its also exciting. I’m heading into 2018 with a huge amount of optimism and a clearer sense of purpose and clarity. So after a 2017 that felt pretty sluggish in many ways, I’m ready to “spread my wings” this year and see where it takes me.

Month of the Butterfly


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