Junkyard Golf Club and Cider Pong

If there was ever a place that would create a Junkyard Golf Club it would, of course, be Shoreditch.

This is exactly what it says on the tin. I crazy golf course made out of old junk – a genius concept if you ask me! It also makes for the perfect birthday activity, as we descended on it in celebration of my buddy Ida’s 25th.

The Junkyard Golf Club

is located on Dray Walk, in the basement of of one of the commercial spaces, close to Brick Lane. Surprisingly big and bedecked with graffiti art, it seemed perfectly natural that we should be in a basement about to play golf.

Junkyard Golf Club (3)

Unsurprisingly however, the appearance of the Junkyard Golf Club had caught the attention of many other Londoners as well so it was pretty busy down there. We had to wait about 15 minutes before we could even begin our game and then you had to wait a while at each hole as the group in front completed their putts.

Every hole was given a different theme born from the particular pieces of junk used to create it. They were then given inspired pun names which tickled me greatly. Whoever said puns were the lowest form of wit were, in my opinion, very much mistaken. “Jacuzz your Daddy” HA.

Junkyard Golf Club (7)

There are three courses 9-hole courses to choose from. We played the one called “Frank – Putt Up or Shut Up” and as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As it happens having to wait for holes to become available made you take your time and take it in the quirkiness of the activity.

Junkyard Golf Club (12) Junkyard Golf Club (17)

I got off to a solid start keeping to the par of 3 for the first few holes but then it all started to go down hill. I came last. There I said it.

Junkyard Golf Club (19)

But its the taking part that counts right?

Junkyard Golf Club (20) Junkyard Golf Club (22)

If you’re thinking of coming to play each of the 9 hole courses will cost you £10 per person and with a group of 7 people (you’re supposed to have a max of 6 per group but they were nice and let us have an extra) took us just over an hour.

The only downside to this venture, as with so many activities in London, if you want to enjoy a chilled beverage as you play you will pay one HEFTY price. Be warned.

Junkyard Golf Club (23)

If you wanna give the Junkyard Gold Club a visit you can book a game on their website here.

They also have centres in Manchester and Skegness.

Junkyard Golf Club (27) Our evening of activities was not over however as we made a pit stop at the street food venders for some damn good chicken from The Orange Buffalo (although given the amount of time it took them to serve us, I definitiely wouldn’t call it fast food). We’ll forgive them this once. I’ll forgive anything for curly fries and blue cheese dip.


Shoreditch Food (3)

We then strolled to our last stop of the evening…


This is a bar specifically set up for playing beer pong, or in our case, cider pong!

You simply order huge jugs of beer or cider and 20 of those red plastic (American frat party) cups and away you go.

Shoreditch Beer Pong (1)

Now, if you have never played beer pong and don’t know how it works, allow me to explain. You split into two teams and each team arranges ten cups into a triangle formation at their end of a long table. Some alcoholic drink is poured into each of these cups.

The aim of the game is to through ping pong balls into the cups of the apposing team. If you get one in, one of their team members has to drink whatever is in that cup and then that cup is taken away. The team that gets rid of all of the other team’s cups first wins.

Who doesn’t love combining drinking with the need for hand eye coordination??

Shoreditch Beer Pong (12)

There are more complicated rules if you want to up the ante a bit including rules about being able to swat the balls away and being able to rearrange remaining cups. If you want to go hardcore then I’d recommend the BPONG website – the international leader in professional Beer Pong (yes that exists).

I bowed out after three jugs of cider, feeling a little more wobbly than when I started but quite impressed with myself that the more I drank, the better I seem to get at Cider Pong.

I’d definitely recommend both the Junkyard Golf Club and Sink if you’re looking for something a bit different to do – especially those with a competitive spirit!

Have you found any off the wall activities to do in London recently?


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