5 People You Should Follow on Instagram

I love Instagram. I can spend hours on end lusting over peoples snaps of travelling the world or their artfully designed breakfast. I love that anyone can be a photographer and that you get an insight into someone’s world.

I thought I’d share some of the accounts that I have particularly been enjoying over the last few weeks in case there’s a few gems here you’ve not had the pleasure of stumbling upon yet. Here are my current five recommendations of people you should follow on Instagram…

Michelle Outside London

Michelle’s Instagram never fails to put a smile on my face. She has a down to earth approach and a positive life approach which is reflected in her photography. Michelle does not over filter and does not appear to plan her photos which I personally really like, it gives her snaps an authenticity and simplicity without lacking in quality that is quite rare on Instagram with bloggers these days. It’s nice to be reminded that there is life outside of London and her dogs are adorable!

Follow on Instagram: Michelle Outside London

Pumpkin ‘n’ Spice

Food accounts, I feel, get a rough deal on Instagram. You hear a lot of people say “I don’t want to see what you’ve had for breakfast” but considering the amount of likes a photo of fantastic looking food can attract its clear that many people do not share this opinion, me included. Pumpkin ‘n’ Spice is probably my favourite foodie Instagram account. It never fails to get me licking my lips and giving me serious food envy. Not only does the food always sound delicious but the lighting and composition of the shots creates a very professional and polished finish to their photo collection.

Follow on Instagram: pumpkinnspice

Aisling Brock

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Aisling on a couple of occasions and her Instagram account is as awesome as she is in person. She’s a ray of light for those of the gluten free persuasion. She has a good variety in her account which I like, it keeps you interested and feels like a genuine diary. She’s recently got the most adorable little puppy dog called Poppy who has her own, well deserving Instagram account.

Follow on Instagram: Aisling Brock

Unlocking Kiki

Get ready for serious wanderlust and life envy. Kaelene is an Oregon born lovely lady who followed her love to his home land of Iceland and has created a blog and the most beautiful Instagram of all time. Iceland’s stunning natural features and breathtaking scenery at her disposal, this Instagram account will have you gasping in admiration at every single photo. I recently visited Iceland for the first time and Kaelene’s account just keeps reminding me why I fell in love with it.

Follow on Instagram: Unlocking Kiki

Milli Grace

London bloggers have, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world at there fingertips and Milli Grace certainly makes the most of this back drop. She shows of the city through an airy and bright filter which particularly resonates when the sun is shining. If you’re not already having a love affair with our capital city, then Millie Grace will have you head over heels in no time.

Follow on Instagram: Milli Grace

So those are my current 5 recommendations of accounts to follow on Instagram…

Who are you current Instagram Loves?


  1. Thanks so much for including me, what a lovely list to be part of! I adore Aisling, Kiki and Milli’s feeds already and Pumpkin n Spice sounds right up my street too so thanks for that!
    M X

    1. RachelTriesLife

      Thank you for having such an awesome Instagram for me to lust over! 🙂

  2. Always love a good Instagram tip! I have a feeling I’ll be losing even more time from now on..

    1. RachelTriesLife

      I can lose hours at a time! Do you have any recommendations? I’m always looking for new people to follow!

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