Fifteen of My Favourite Feelings

I am stressed. Work has me down and I’m so busy I’m not getting to see my friends  and family as much as I would like. I am in need of cheering up.

In my wind down time before bed the other night I watched Essie Buttons’s vlog entitled “15 of my Favourite Feelings” which was in turn inspired by the legendary Hank Green’s video of the same title.

I thought it was such a lovely idea and the perfect way to cheer myself up by reminding myself of some of the simple things that can put a smile on my face.

So buckle up people, these are fifteen of my favourite feelings…

1) When you wake up and think “ehhh, I don’t want to go to work” and then you remember IT’S SATURDAY, smile to yourself and roll onto the cold bit of the pillow knowing there will be no alarm to disturb you from your contended weekend slumber.

2) The feeling of stepping off a plane in a foreign country and getting hit by that wall of warmth as if the whole country is giving you a warm welcoming hug.

3) When you’re on a night out with friends, you’re a tad drunk and then it begins – the mighty power hour. You fist pump, air guitar and sing along to The Killers, Kings of Leon, Bon Jovi, Kings of Leon and Guns and Roses one after the other. You finish feeling like a rock star and knowing you will have zero voice in the morning.

4) When you start a book and you realise its got good when the last thing you knew it was 9pm and the next time you check the clock its 2am and you have to get up for work in 5 hours.

5) When I go home to my parents, give Mum and Dad a big hug, my sisters (plus fiancées) come round for dinner and I get to sleep in my own bed. Home is where the family is.

6) When I’m in a place I’ve never visited before, I find something tall to climb and get an awesome view. Like when I went to Edinburgh… and to Rome… and most recently to Dublin.

7) When, after a tough week at work, I go to stay with my buddies and we have a night in drinking a cheeky cider and playing Driver. (If you have never played this game, you are missing out).

8) When I go swimming. Any time, any place. I find it peaceful, clears my head and after 80 lengths leaves my body with that blissfully tired feeling.

9) Singing and playing my guitar in my bedroom when I know no one is listening.

10) When I actually get to cook a proper dinner for a group of friends and enjoy good food, wine and company. I’m very sophisticated don’t you know.

11) When you check your bank balance to see just how poor you are and realise it was pay day yesterday. Winning. Drinks on me guys, oh wait, this is why I am poor…

12) Ladies night. Either when the ladies and I get dolled up and hit the town for cocktails and dancing or put pyjamas and face masks on for a night of wine and trashy chick flicks. Either is absolutely golden in my books.

13) Listening to good live music with an audience full of other people who appreciate good live music.

14) When “my jam” (also known as any song by Jason Derulo – don’t judge me) comes on in a club and I lose my #!£%, yell “THIS IS MY JAAAM” and proceed to dance like a crazy person for the next three minutes. I can see you judging me.

15) Taking a day off during the week and wondering around the my favourite city in the world – London. The markets, the river, the landmarks, the people. I love getting lost it in and learning all its curves, edges and perfect imperfections.


So that’s fifteen of my favourite feelings, what are some of yours? 



  1. July 12, 2015 / 4:43 pm

    #2,3,4,6, and 8 are some that I can really relate to! Another favorite feeling of mine is listening to a song that you originally were indifferent to, but slowly grows on you- it’s like a new discovery and pretty soon, you’ve had it on repeat for the last five hours. 😛

    Another is when I’m at the beach or on top of a hill overlooking the city. That sense of awe with the atmosphere just makes things so…calm and unknown. But you learn to embrace that uncertainty. 🙂

    • July 12, 2015 / 4:48 pm

      Love these. Definitely agree they are some good’uns too. It’s nice to see them all side by side.

  2. July 16, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    Love this post! I should write one too. Also I owe you an email! I’ve been so busy for the past week. I will soon I promise!

    • July 21, 2015 / 6:12 pm

      No worries, I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for Japan so know the feeling 🙂

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