Christmas Blogger Gift Swap: The Wrapping and Unwrapping!

So you may remember that I signed up for the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap that A Piece of Viola had organised. Well Christmas has been and gone so I thought I would report back on how it went!

The blogger I was paired with was the lovely Sophie Deaks (

Before I get into the gifts I received, I just wanted to say how much fun I had hunting out gifts for Sophie, we set ourselves a budget and I enjoyed mooching round the shops picking things I hoped she’d like. I wrapped them all up in a particularly Christmassy box and sent them on their way! If you want to know what I ended up getting for her you’ll have to visit Sophie’s unwrapping post! 

The parcel Sophie sent to me remained unopened until 30th December because I had been staying with my parents over Christmas. As soon as I got back to my place in London I was extremely excited to see the box waiting for me!

Inside the parcel was this gorgeous stack of treats!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

The first thing I opened was my card to find this lovely message from Sophie and I also hope we can remain blogger buddies!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

I then got stuck into the presents! The one on the top of the pile had written on it “That’s what tea does, doesn’t it? brings people together.” A cute little quote and one, I have learned, that Sophie lives by! Her blog series that includes trying every type of tea under the sun inspired my first prezzie. I’m not actually a big hot drink fan myself (apart from hot chocolate of course) but I’m always up for trying something new, so in honour of the swap, I shall enjoy trying these tea treats.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Next up we moved into the world of beauty products and to a fellow (far more high profile!) blogger, Tanya Burr. I got a pair of her Bambi Eyes eye lashes. I’m very excited about these, I never think to by eye lashes for myself so these will be a little luxury for my New Year’s Eve make-up look!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Staying on the make-up theme Sophie also bought me a set of eco tools brushes. In my opinion you can NEVER have enough make-up brushes and I’ve never tried this brand even though I know they are a great favourite among beauty fanatics so I’m excited to give them a whirl!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Sophie had definitely done her research and knew I also love to bake and so my final gift was an awesome set of festive cookie cutters. I haven’t put any cookie recipes on the blog yet so this has definitely given me a kick in that direction. Rachel Tries Life ¦ Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

I want to say another massive thank you to Sophie for all my thoughtful and lovely prezzies and I will very much enjoy putting them to use. She’s a lovely girl and we’ll definitely be staying in touch!

I also want to say thanks to Viola for giving such an awesome pairing and I look forward to being part of future blog swaps!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas, what did Santa bring you??


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  1. December 31, 2014 / 10:29 am

    I love the makeup brushes – I use the same ones and they are fab! I also love how much time and care everyone put into choosing gifts – we certainly got to know a few more people a bit better!!

    • December 31, 2014 / 10:31 am

      Amazing, im sure they will become favourites in no time. Loved it, so many new blogs to read!

  2. January 25, 2015 / 8:21 pm

    Hi lovely,
    Those gifts look so nice! I’m really glad you enjoyed the swap 🙂
    I’m doing a round-up post very soon so keep your eyes peeled!
    Viola xo

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