The Best Cheesecake in Copenhagen

I am very wary of naming something “the best” anything. However, when I was told that Bertel’s Salon had the best cheesecake in Copenhagen, I simply had to do my own taste test. It would be rude not to right?

After tucking in to some traditional Danish dinner at Skank (yes, primarily chosen for the name), we wandered through the streets to find this supposed dessert mecca.


Before we even get in, we spy the shelves of gigantic cheesecakes lining the window display.┬áChocolate brownie cheesecake, cookie cheesecake, mango cheesecake, key lime cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake…

We go inside. It’s busy. This is a good sign. Now for the hard bit. What to choose?

Maybe a slice of mixed berry?

Rachel Tries Life: Best cheesecake in Copenhagen

Or perhaps to indulge in a slice of cookie?

Rachel Tries Life: Best cheesecake in Copenhagen

I don’t think I can be accused of exaggeration when I say this is one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

Dominique chose mango.

Rachel Tries Life: Best cheesecake in Copenhagen

David chose black forest.

Rachel Tries Life: Best Cheesecake in Copenhagen

That leaves me. Oh crap. Erm. Don’t rush me. Too much pressure. COOKIE!

Who am I kidding, it was always going to be cookie.

Armed with our mighty slabs of cheesecake we found ourselves a seat upstairs. The decor was light, airy and homely.


Now I’m no Marks and Spencers advert ok. I’m not good with describing tastes and textures that will make you swoon. All I’m going to say is this cheesecake would be well within my top 5 reasons to return to Copenhagen. There I said it.

Rachel Tries Life: Best cheesecake in Copenhagen

In the immortal words of Peter Kay – it was a taste sensation.

In conclusion you should absolutely book yourself on a trip to see our Danish friends, you can pretend that you’re going to be all cultural and stuff. Get off the plane, don’t bother dropping your luggage, go straight to Bertel’s and have yourself a slice (or two) of the best cheesecake in Copenhagen (or maybe the world).

K? Good.


Ever had a cheesecake that could rival Bertel’s? Let me know where!



  1. Eline

    In Berlin! And it is called (ofcourse) Princess Cheesecake.

    1. RachelTriesLife

      Amazing, thanks for the recommendation! I’ve not been to Berlin yet but it is definitely on the list!

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