Aldi Christmas Booze Launch

So its happened, whether I like it or not somehow it is already December. One thing however that makes the Christmas season all the most enticing is the booze! I don’t mean to sound like an alcoholic at all but you may have guessed by now that I love a good glass of wine, or bubbly, or a fruity cocktail. So when lovely Laura from Loved by Laura invited me to accompany her to the Aldi Christmas booze launch how could I possibly refuse?

We were among the first to arrive at the swanky Milbank tower at Westminster where the room was lined with the vast majority of the collection for our tasting pleasure.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

Not needing to be asked twice we began our tasting bonanza with a glass of bubbly. Their pink Monsigny Brut Champagne was light and the bubbles tickled delightfully all the way down, made extra sweet with a price tag of only £10.99. I dare you to find another decent champagne with that price tag!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

We sipped happily whilst admiring the panoramic views of London.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze Only a glass of bubbly into proceedings and I was already feeling the bubbles going to my head. Luckily they’d put on a spread to not only showcase their festive alcohol but also their strong buffet game. So we got stuck in to ensure our stomach’s were appropriately lined for an evening of connoisseuring (that is totally a word).     Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze   With hunger satisfied we got back to the task at hand, wine tasting! Whilst taking pretty photographs of course, we are bloggers after all.  Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze   I’m more of a white wine drinker myself and with their most expensive bottle (The Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling) being a bargain at £6.99 you really can’t complain.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

Lets pause the booze talk for a moment to admire this venue. The shabby chic, exposed brick work coupled with the modern furniture creates a real sophistication.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

Aided of course by the beautiful sights of this incredible capital as the sun began to set.

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

We progress now onto some hardier spirits. Let’s talk about port. I love port. I like the way it feels as it trickles its way into my tummy. This 40 Year Old Maynard’s is one of the nicest port’s I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted a fair few!). This would make a fantastic gift for any port lover and the presentation gives it an extra element of class.       Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

So we’d done champagne, white wine, red wine, port and a tipple of whisky at this point. Where do you go from there? Why, cocktails of course!

Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

Aldi have created three Christmas Day inspired cocktails.

Laura’s choice was their twist on a Bloody Mary to get your Christmas Day off with a kick. Not to my taste but Laura was a big fan!

  Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

My selection was the Cranberry Sour made with gin, lemon and lime juice and cranberry syrup with orange peel to garnish. The balance of sweet and sour was fabulous and it disappeared very quickly!Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze  Rachel Tries Life ¦ Aldi Christmas Booze

You can find these cocktail recipes plus many more here on Aldi’s website

 I have not been sponsored in any way to do this post, I was just lucky enough to be invited to their press release, so I will say only this: I have never given much thought to where I’ve bought my Christmas booze but this evening opened my eyes to the amount of money I could be saving by sourcing it from Aldi over supermarkets whilst not sacrificing quality. If you, like me are watching the bottom line on your bank balance this festive season then I thoroughly recommend checking out the Aldi Christmas Collection.

Let’s get merry!


  1. Aw I love this Rachel, what a day that was! I have just sat down to write my post and then saw yours! That 40 yr old Port is part of my Dad’s Christmas present (I MAY be hoping that he opens it whilst I’m round…!!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

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