Rachel Tries Life ¦ The Importance of Curiosity

Advice to my Younger Self: The Importance of Curiosity

Rachel Tries Life ¦ The Importance of Curiosity

Dear Little Rachel,

You appear to have stuck your head inside the washing machine? Oh, it makes amusing echoey noises when you sing does it? How curious indeed!

I remember that spontaneous type of curiosity. The type that hears yourself ask “I wonder what would happen if I stuck my head inside that funny looking white thing and made noises” and then you find yourself instinctively sticking your head inside said funny white thing and warbling.

The delight that comes from having your curiosity rewarded by a magic reverberating echo which has turned your one little voice into an entire choir of little voices around you.

We forget the benefits of curiosity as we grow older. We still wonder about these whimsical things but rather than stick our necks out, or our heads in as in this case, we instead tell ourselves its absurd and unimportant and push it to the far recesses of our minds.

We are educated out of our desire to discover, to question and to explore. I wonder sometimes how many inventions remain uninvented, how many bright ideas have been extinguished by curiosity’s arch nemesis – indifference.

Indifference does not inspire, does not excite, does not innovate. It does not invent technology that will define a generation, it does not find a cure for cancer, it does not make progress. It simply stays still indulging in ignorance whilst curiosity rushes excitedly past in pursuit of the unknown.

Little Rachel, you have always been among the curious in this world and its one of the things I really quite liked about you. After all, the view is always far more rewarding for those whose curiosity carries them all the way to the top.

Just remember – when you forget the importance of curiosity you can always stick your head inside the washing machine for choir practice.

Yours in Future,

Big Rachel

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