Rachel on the Road: A Trip to Norwich

I recently had a week’s leave from work (lucky me!) so decided to visit some friends who are studying around the country. I first stopped by Southampton, my old stomping ground and then took a trip to Norwich to see my pal Jo. I had never been before apart to look around the university, I’d never got as far as the city centre so was looking forward to having a guided tour.

The first night we spent in front of a True Blood box set and a Dominos pizza having a well needed catch up on all life’s drama since Christmas. The next day we walked into the town past the St Johns Baptist Cathedral, the lesser known of the two cathedrals in Norwich. Even for the least known its pretty impressive!


When we reached the city centre the first thing I noticed is the colours of the market stalls. Norwich Market was started in the latter part of the 11th Century. Its a real landmark and brightens up the whole square.


We wandered through the rows of stalls. I was particularly taken with this one full of picnic hampers, baskets and other trinkets.


Other stalls included butchers, fish mongers, fresh herbs and spices, vintage clothes traders and independent craftsmen.


We strolled through the cobbled streets that have retained their winding nature from their medieval past down to the second of the cathedrals. I love old buildings and as you can probably tell if you’ve read about my previous travels I always enjoy looking in cathedrals. I find their architecture impressive and their history intriguing so was keen to have a nose around. Jo’s a medieval historian so was giving me the low down.



Norwich has done more than most cities to really make the cathedral a tourism hot spot. It includes contemporary religious artwork exhibitions and loads of artifacts with information about its history and the local area which makes the visit all the more worth while than just admiring the stain glass windows (as nice as they are).

DSC_7658 DSC_7660



The last stop on our history tour was Norwich castle which stands very grandly in the sky line.


I didn’t do the tour to find out exactly what its purpose is but from the outside it appears to have its own great glass elevator.


Windy selfie! This is the only shot we got where my face is actually visible, the others I’m trapped behind a curtain of windswept hair.


Having had our fill of the local landmarks we headed for some lunch. We chose Bill’s, if you’ve not been to one I’d thoroughly recommend it, they also do a damn good breakfast! They have their own branded pink lemonade which is always a treat.


Jo’s choice was the Bill’s burger complete with cheese and bacon and it looked damn good.


I instead went for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with butternut squash. Its not often I stray from the burger option myself but this caught my fancy and I was very happy with my choice, it was bloomin’ tasty!


An afternoon of shopping followed. We both found a bargain pair of £8 heels in the New Look sale. I also treated myself to a Lush face mask (I will eventually try them all! and a jumper in the Oasis sale. The budgeting is really going well this month…

After our retail therapy we headed back and got ready for a girls’ night out, new heels at the ready!

DSC_7675 DSC_7678

We grabbed a cab down to Revolucion de Cuba and soon the cocktails were flowing.

DSC_7681 DSC_7682

The music was all 1930/40s swing and there was a group who clearly attended dance classes entertaining the rest of us with their dancing skills. I used to go to dance classes when I was little and on occasions like this one, I wish I’d never given it up!

So whilst mentally adding learning how to Lindy Hop and how to make a mean Porn Star Martini (my cocktail of choice) to my ever growing bucket list, we ordered another round.

DSC_7686 DSC_7690


By the end of the night Jo was promising to teach me how to Charleston when we got home and everything had gone a little hazy.


 When safely back at home and heels kicked off we did indeed having a mini dance lesson in the lounge (Jo has skills!) which made me very happy before settling down to a midnight snack of left over pizza and another cheeky episode of True Blood before bedtime.

I want to say massive thank you to Jo for having me to stay and for being my personal tour guide during my trip to Norwich. We have plans for her to come and stay with me in London real soon and I can’t wait!


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