A little piece of mind

Being rock and roll as I am, I’ve spent Saturday evening in my PJs with my monkey (who yes, wears a tutu – don’t judge him) watching absurd documentaries on 4OD and finding some new interesting blogs to follow.

In doing so I stumbled across A Pretty Penny (http://aprettypennyblog.com/) and really liked the idea behind her most recent blog so thought I’d do my own version as a little snap shot into my frame of mind as 2013 draws to a close.



Making : it up as I go along

Cooking : baked goods for a good cause tomorrow.

Drinking : coke zero (addiction).

Reading: Some inspiring blog posts this evening.

Wanting: to find the perfect dress for New Years Eve.

Looking: forward to being home for Christmas.

Playing: some guilty pleasures on my guitar.

Wasting: brain cells playing Candy Crush.

Wishing: I could speak another language.

Enjoying: the return of the Christmas jumper phenomenon.

Waiting: for my first pay cheque.

Liking: my first job after uni (I’m all grown up and stuff!).

Wondering: what 2014 will bring.

Loving: learning to be a Londoner.

Hoping: I don’t trip up the stage steps at graduation.

Marvelling: at the talents on display from the Covent Garden buskers today, especially this little gem http://www.sammiejaymusic.com/

Needing: some innovative ways to decorate my new room without sticking stuff to the walls.

Smelling: my damson and pomegranate scented candle.

Wearing: PJs! for the ultimate rock and roll Saturday night in.

Following: thelondoner.me on instagram makes me rather envious.

Noticing: I’ve forgotten 2 days worth of advent calendar chocolate, win!

Knowing: I won’t get out of bed until at least 11am tomorrow.

Thinking: I should really do some more exercise.

Bookmarking: flights to New York.

Opening: a new chapter in my life.

Giggling: at old photos from uni.

Feeling: pretty damn lucky.



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