Rachel on the Road: A cheeky week in Spain

So now that the weather is turning pretty grim I thought to cheer myself up I’d finally get round to writing a post about my cheeky week in Spain.

On the 12th September I gave in my 17,000 word Master dissertation. I’m not going to lie, it had been hell to write. I was working alongside it as well as doing other fun things such as going to the Reading Festival and generally no longer wanting to be at university. So when that blessed moment finally came, what to do? Did someone say holiday???

Me and four of my pals hopped on a flight to Alicante to spend a week in the sunshine doing, well, not a lot. Bliss! So I thought I’d share some holiday snaps and a few little gems that we found in our travels around the east coast of Spain.

Starting with us (with Lydie taking the photo) at the airport very excited about the prospect of sunshine..


We were staying in a small apartment within an English urbanisation. Nothing fancy but it served our purposes and we had the pool to ourselves for the majority of the week so no complaints here!


We were isolated however from neighbouring towns so we hired ourselves a car (which we affectionately named Jorge) so we could go exploring.

We made a road trip down to the port town Cartagena where we took a boat ride out into the harbour.



The town itself was beautiful, it had some great little shops and cafes and some impressive architecture.




We find interesting ways of amusing ourselves.. including impersonating statues.


Another day we spent at Guatamala beach. I spent many hours enjoying being bashed about by the waves and came away with an interesting mix of tan/burn lines.



Unfortunately Row and Ida had to leave two days early so on our last evening all together we headed out to Torreveja for dinner, home of this funky fountain.


We went for a wander after dinner through their market area and to get ourselves some souvenirs.


And when we got back we took our extensive variety of alcoholic beverages up to the roof terrace for an evening of games. We quickly realised that we in fact ended up looking like a small, alcoholic, homeless community.


On our last day together we drove into Alicante to have a look around before dropping Row and Ida to the airport. Although the castle looked pretty impressive we didn’t have time to go investigating.


We also found this awesome bit of graffiti art


The rest of Alicante however didn’t really have much to offer, I guess it didn’t help that we always managed to get to town centres just as siesta time was beginning, although it does baffle me somewhat that spanish people need to sleep that long every afternoon.. we found a couple of bigger shopping centres to look around and chilled in a park for a while. I’m quite impressed at the shade of my tan by this point..


All in all my favourite place was the pool, not overly cultural of me I know but after 4 years of university and an almighty summer of writing a dissertation all I wanted to do was swim to my hearts content. We managed (eventually) to snap us all in the pool together, the genius of timers on cameras these days hey!


Before waving Row and Ida goodbye we felt it only right to document the dulux colour chart we had become…



 I had a really great time and although it wasn’t the snazziest of holiday destinations it was the perfect budget getaway. Besides, Spain really is quite beautiful …





And with that I feel officially ready to embrace the snuggly jumpers and winter boots that will get me through the next few months!



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