5 Beauty Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not one of those girls who has a flawless beauty routine. I don’t moisturise every day, I don’t use eye cream at night and I will wear nail varnish til you can see more nail than.. well, varnish. I admire the girls that manage to find the time in the day to have such a routine I’m just too … “discombobulated” as my best buddy put it.

That’s not to say however that I’m not interested in trying new products and pampering myself but I do often find myself looking for effective ways to cut corners when it comes to keeping myself feeling shiny on a daily basis. So I thought I would share a few of my box of tricks with you for those days when doing the full scrub, toner and moisturiser routine is just not practical.

So here are my top 5 beauty products that will make your life easier…

1. Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser 


Don’t get me wrong I love a good body butter as much as the next girl but on the days when you just need to get out of the door but your skin needs a moisture boost (especially during the winter) this is an awesome cheat product. Simply spray, rub in, let it sink in for a minute and you’re good to go! The cocoa scented one is extra delicious in my opinion.

2. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo 


I have never understood why Batiste has managed to so effective monopolise the dry shampoo market. I have used it and yes it is a good dry shampoo however I can never get more than 5 full uses out of a can and the stuff isn’t cheap when you’re using it at that rate! My alternative is from Lush. Its the “No Drought” dry shampoo and it comes in powder format. I can here you all screaming “but that will leave my hair looking all powdery like baby powder!” but have a little faith my friends. This stuff is amazing, it absorbs all the oil in your hair without leaving any trace of residue and smells divine to boot. This product is perfect for when you’ve not got time to wash your hair but the grease is starting to show. Plus this is the smallest size bottle and it lasts me for months at a time; saving time and money – double win!

3. P.S. Love Your Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot


If you’ve not discovered this reinvention of nail varnish remover yet, you are missing out! I hate the chore of removing stubborn nail varnish. It is a waste of valuable minutes of my life – enter the nail vanish “twist pot”. Lots of different brands have leapt on top of this new phenomenon and they are all equally efficient from what I can tell. This particular one is just from Primark and I paid a whopping £1 for it!. Essentially its a pot lined with a sponge which has been doused in nail varnish remover. You pop one finger in at a time, twist it about for about 10 seconds and when you pull it out voilà, the nail varnish has gone. Just like magic!

4. Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm 


I don’t know about you but I very rarely leave my conditioner on in the shower for as long as the bottle recommends (unless its a leg shaving day). My hair is also prone to getting quite dry and brittle at the ends and often needs an extra bit of love. If I’m running around like a headless chicken, which is quite often these days and I’m jumping in and out of the shower quickly then this is a great booster for my hair. Its technically an overnight treatment that you can put on to dry hair before you go to sleep (you don’t need much) but I also sometimes brush it through damp hair and use instead of a leave in conditioner. It leaves your hair silky soft and shiny for no extra time.

5. Baby Powder 


It has been well noted before that there are about a million and one different uses for baby powder that people have managed to discover and I do encourage you all to get on the baby powder train. Its a real catch all product. It can replace deodorant or dry shampoo (would only recommend if desperate for this however as it can leave a rather dandruffy effect to your hair). The reasons I use it most frequently however are after shaving or waxing. It has real soothing qualities so if applied after hair removal it will help relieve redness and irritation and generally leave your skin happy. I also have a very love hate relationship with false eye lashes so I do the old mascara trick with baby powder when I want a big impact look. Apply one coat of mascara, then using a cotton bud I dab some baby powder over this base coat. Then when you apply a second coat the mascara will attach to the powder adding volume and giving the appearance of false lashes.

There you have it, my little cheat sheet of beauty. I hope these may come in as handy for you as they so often do for me!

Do you have any beauty products that make your life easier that you can share with me? 


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