Rachel in the Kitchen: Chocolate Orange Mousse


I announced to my family that I would supply the dessert to round of our Sunday evening barbecue. After much deliberation I decided to go for a chocolate orange mousse and after scouring through various recipes I decided to branch out on my and create my own and I must say, they turned out damn good!

To make this scrumptiously simple but deliciously decadent summer pud (enough for 8 portions) all you will need is:

– The juice and zest of 1 large orange

– 6 large eggs

– 200g of good quality dark chocolate

– 200g of good quality milk chocolate



Start by breaking the chocolate into small pieces and melting it over a saucepan of boiling water. This method will melt your chocolate gradually and stop it from burning.



DSC_3511Such chocolatey goodness, mmm!


Keep going until its completely smooth like this…

DSC_3515Next, separate your eggs into whites and yokes, I use the old pass the yoke from one half of the shell to the other over a bowl to catch the whites.

DSC_3497Ta darrr!

DSC_3498Then in a large bowl, whisk your egg whites until they are light and fluffy. They will start like this…

DSC_3505Keep going, if your arm aches, you’re doing it right! Nearly there…

DSC_3509When done they should be able to create soft peaks like this…


Then, after beating the eggs yokes separately, beat them into the melted chocolate.



DSC_3518 DSC_3519Into two separate small dishes, grate the zest off of the orange, cut in halves and squeeze out the juice.


DSC_3502Add the juice of the orange into the chocolate and yoke mix. You can then, slowly, fold the egg whites into the chocolate mix.

DSC_3520Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear to be going well at first.

DSC_3521Keep going and eventually it will turn into smooth chocolate heaven.

DSC_3523If you have some, use small ramekins to divide into portions.





DSC_3529To finish off and make them look extra fancy, add a touch of orange zest to the top to give them a flash of colour.


Then pop them in the fridge for a few hours to chill.


Then for the final, most important step… lick the spoon!

DSC_3534Just to check its not poisonous of course!

The finished product went down a treat with everyone, as shown by the empty bowls and happy faces.IMAG0362





Do let me know if you give it a try, even better send me your pictures on Twitter or Instagram or send me your own favourite summer dessert recipes for me to try!


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