Every year at the beginning of January everyone talks about their New Year’s Resolutions. They pick one thing that they want to accomplish within the upcoming year. Whether it is to lose weight, to spend more time doing their hobby, to finally clear out the garage they all to me have one thing in common; they are things which we have up until this point failed to achieve. Then, when we fail this time round it doesn’t seem like much of a blow because its just one more failed attempt and hey, there’s always next year.

This is one reason why I’m not making a resolution this year. Resolutions are pre-disposed to fail. Secondly it is because it seems like you’re only supposed to make one New Years resolution. Then, if you don’t manage to do it, what are you left with? Not much. What I do however agree with is the life auditing that tends to accompany the incoming of a new year. I think we benefit from taking stock of what we’ve done over the last year and where we want to go in the next. I just don’t agree with the current favoured method.

My proposal? The way I get things done in other aspects of my life, at work or chores at home – I write a to do list. I write down everything that needs to be done. Goals and tasks that are not optional. Also, by virtue of it being a list, if despite my best efforts, if one or a few of them don’t come off then it doesn’t mean I’ve not accomplished anything and by default have to wait until next January to give it another shot.

Therefore I have created myself a list. Some things may seem trivial and others more challenging but if I can cross of a majority of the things on this list this year, I think I’ll be doing pretty damn good.

So without further ado, my 2014 TO DO LIST:


And then stick it up somewhere I’m going to see everyday…DSC_2011

So if you think my theory of a to do list makes sense, by all means join me. I’d love to compare lists if you would like to share yours with me…

So from me to you, here’s to a productive 2014!


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