2014 Review, New Year and 2015 To Do List

This time last year I wrote myself a 2014 “To Do” list and explained why I prefer this approach over making a New Years Resolution. This year has been pretty manic to say the least. It has had some amazing highs but also some terrible low points. I tried my best through all this to complete as much of my list as goals as possible and this is how I got on:

1) Pass my 6 month and annual appraisals at work with flying colours – COMPLETE. I recently passed my annual appraisal at work and my objectives are already set for my next year, bring it on!

2) Travel to three countries I’ve never been to before – COMPLETE. I visited Italy, Hungary and Portugal to read about the highlights of my trips abroad you can find my Travel Round Up here.

3) Be a healthier me – INCOMPLETE. I went through periods this year of being uber healthy and others of being atrociously unhealthy but now that I have gym membership I have started being far more motivated to exercise regularly. This one is going to the top of my list for 2015!

4) Improve my guitar skills instead of just playing what I already know – INCOMPLETE. I have changed my perspective on my guitar playing. I play and sing to help myself relax, I enjoy it because it is something I can do without having to try hard so for now I am content with my competency level as it is.

5) Go to a music festival (hopefully Reading) – COMPLETE. Went to Reading and loved it.

6) Manage my finances better – INCOMPLETE. I’m not going to lie to you, being in my first year of full time employment I made a conscious decision early on in the year to splash out, treat myself and travel a fair amount which meant the budget did somewhat go out of the window. This one is however going back on the list for 2015 and this time I’ll stick to it!

7) Start song writing again – COMPLETE.

8) Improve my photography skills – COMPLETE (but ongoing) I have improved this year. I have taken the time to really work at it and some of the snaps I’ve taken along they way have turned out pretty damn good, if I may say so. Here’s a couple of my favourites…

Central Park (7)


DSC_3836 - Copy

9) Learn some Japanese – INCOMPLETE. This one has been an epic failure. I’ve not put any time into this one with other things taking priority.

10) Expand my baking repetoire – COMPLETE. If you don’t believe check out these bad boys.

11) Read for pleasure more – COMPLETE. I’ve read 3 books in the last 6 weeks or so and I’m eager to continue.

12) Blog at least once a week – COMPLETE. Ok so I didn’t do this for the whole year, you caught me. I started blogging regularly in August but since then I have kept up a steady posting schedule and I have no intention of stopping, so I call that a win!

Total completion – 8/12

I’m quite proud of that!

And to celebrate my successes we all dressed up in our Gatsby glad rags for New Years Eve. If I do say so myself, I think we all scrubbed up pretty well!

DSC_7442 DSC_7444 DSC_7457 DSC_7463  DSC_7476 DSC_7478

Moving on to the year ahead I need a new set goals to achieve. I’ve been giving it some thought over the last few weeks and these are the things going on my 2015 to do list:

1) Be a healthier me – including BOTH eating more healthily and exercising more regularly

2) Travel to three counties I’ve never been to before – because I enjoyed that one so much last year

3) Write myself a budget for the year – and stick to it!

4) Take Rachel Tries Life self hosted

5) Be more courageous with blogging in general – try new types of posts, guest blog and go to events. (Anyone in the London area want an event going buddy?)

6) Re-design Rachel Tries Life – I’m still not quite happy with it after many months of changing layouts

7) Read at least one novel a month

8) Do something for charity

9) Keep my bedroom tidy – yes I am 24 years of age and there are still days when I can see more clothes on the floor than, well, floor.

10) Write at least one song a month 

So that’s my 2015 to do list and I’ve stuck it in place to remind myself of my goals every single day.


As you can see blogging features pretty heavily as I really want to invest time and effort into the blog over the next year and I have tonnes of ideas, so watch this space!

How did you get on with your goals in 2014 and what things are on your 2015 “to do” lists?


  1. I didn’t really come up with either goals or resolutions for this year. I planned my blog things (you saw that already!) but that’s the entire extent of it. This past year I’ve made goals more often throughout the year–every few months or so–so that probably is why I don’t have any substantial year-end things.

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