• DSCN8841

    Gozo is Heaven on Earth

    I’ve been saving this post. I wanted to wait until the memory of holiday had faded slightly so that when I looked back at my photos I could remember that […]

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  • Aldi (82)

    Aldi Christmas Booze Launch

    So its happened, whether I like it or not somehow it is already December. One thing however that makes the Christmas season all the most enticing is the booze! I […]

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  • DSCN1192

    Tokyo, City of Wonders

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good night’s sleep, I was ready to go exploring again around Tokyo, city of wonders. With so much to see and only a […]

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  • DSC_8741

    Go to Gorgeous Gozo

    Everyone, in my opinion, needs to go to gorgeous Gozo! The more time we spent on this little island the more we all fell in love with it. It has […]

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  • Rachel Tries Life ¦ The Importance of Curiosity

    Advice to my Younger Self: The Importance of Curiosity

    Dear Little Rachel, You appear to have stuck your head inside the washing machine? Oh, it makes amusing echoey noises when you sing does it? How curious indeed! I remember […]

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  • DSC_8636

    The Perfect Holiday Destination

    I had been counting down the weeks, days and hours to go until I could pack my bag once more and head off on holiday with my buddies. After many […]

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  • DSC_8339

    Piacha Tea Bar and Shop

     My name is Rachel and I don’t like tea. There, I said it. This has been a point of contention throughout my life. People, particularly British people can’t handle it. […]

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  • Visiting Hiroshima (46)

    Visiting Hiroshima

    You may have heard on the news back at the beginning of August that this years marks the 70th anniversary since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This anniversary […]

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