Lately, I’ve not been doing so well. That is a hard thing for me to admit. As those who know me well will tell you, I find it difficult to admit that I’m struggling and often keep my thoughts and feelings pretty well bottled. Over the past year I’ve felt… View Post

Copenhagen, as with so many of the Scandinavian countries, is notoriously expensive. Having decided to do a spontaneous solo trip recently, the purse strings were tight. However, with a little bit of planning I found some great bargains and shortcuts for the thrifty traveller. Here is: How to do Copenhagen… View Post

I am very wary of naming something “the best” anything. However, when I was told that Bertel’s Salon had the best cheesecake in Copenhagen, I simply had to do my own taste test. It would be rude not to right? After tucking in to some traditional Danish dinner at Skank… View Post