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Symmetry and Authenticity in The Danish Girl

I went to see The Danish Girl back in January. It is as elegant in its cinematography as Eddie Redmayne is in a dress – completely. It tells the story of Lili Elbe, born Einar Wegener, who was one of the first recorded people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Of course it opens up whole discussions around concepts of gender and identity but it was the way in which Tom Hooper used symmetry as the lens through which to present these concepts which most intrigued me. Through the use of symmetrical landscapes, mirrors and even haircuts The Danish Girl paints…

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2015 Round Up and 2016 To Do List

You may recall, if you’ve been around here for over a year, that in lieu of a New Year’s resolution I write myself an annual to do list. This way I can space out new challenges over the year and can generally get a lot more done! My 2015 To Do List has been stuck to my mirror throughout the year (until moving house recently) and I’ve been cracking on with a good deal of it! So here’s how I got on: 1) Be a healthier me – INCOMPLETE. Throughout the year I’ve been up and down with both fitness…

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Gozo is Heaven on Earth

I’ve been saving this post. I wanted to wait until the memory of holiday had faded slightly so that when I looked back at my photos I could remember that Gozo is heaven on earth. It is was also a trip of firsts for me. We took the plunge and decided to try Scuba Diving (plunge – get it!) First our fantastic instructor talked us through what we would be doing, the principles of diving, some dos and don’ts and introduced to the equipment we’d be using before kitting us all out in our super sexy gear. I had not…

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Aldi Christmas Booze Launch

So its happened, whether I like it or not somehow it is already December. One thing however that makes the Christmas season all the most enticing is the booze! I don’t mean to sound like an alcoholic at all but you may have guessed by now that I love a good glass of wine, or bubbly, or a fruity cocktail. So when lovely Laura from Loved by Laura invited me to accompany her to the Aldi Christmas booze launch how could I possibly refuse? We were among the first to arrive at the swanky Milbank tower at Westminster where the…

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Tokyo, City of Wonders

Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good night’s sleep, I was ready to go exploring again around Tokyo, city of wonders. With so much to see and only a few days to do it all in I was determined to get the most out of my time starting with the Electric City. This area is full of colourful sky scrapers plastered with anime characters and shops filled to the brim with technology. If you’re looking to get your hands on the latest gadget or just to find a bargain, you won’t be disappointed. This area is iconic. It’s everything…

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Go to Gorgeous Gozo

Everyone, in my opinion, needs to go to gorgeous Gozo! The more time we spent on this little island the more we all fell in love with it. It has a charm that comes with no one ever needing to be anywhere in a hurry. In the morning of our third day we drove into Victoria which is the biggest town in Gozo, even then you can walk from one end of it to the other in under 20 minutes. We took a stroll through the landscaped gardens and browsed the shops (and managed to locate Lydie some gluten free…

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Advice to my Younger Self: The Importance of Curiosity

Dear Little Rachel, You appear to have stuck your head inside the washing machine? Oh, it makes amusing echoey noises when you sing does it? How curious indeed! I remember that spontaneous type of curiosity. The type that hears yourself ask “I wonder what would happen if I stuck my head inside that funny looking white thing and made noises” and then you find yourself instinctively sticking your head inside said funny white thing and warbling. The delight that comes from having your curiosity rewarded by a magic reverberating echo which has turned your one little voice into an entire…

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The Perfect Holiday Destination

I had been counting down the weeks, days and hours to go until I could pack my bag once more and head off on holiday with my buddies. After many grueling months at work I needed some sunshine and relaxation and Gozo, the small island north of Malta, sounded like the perfect holiday destination. To get to Gozo you have to fly in to Malta and then get the ferry out of Mgarr Harbour. Its worth saying from the outset that if you plan to go to Gozo, you will need a hire car. Despite being a small island, it…

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Piacha Tea Bar and Shop

 My name is Rachel and I don’t like tea. There, I said it. This has been a point of contention throughout my life. People, particularly British people can’t handle it. I get a lot of “REALLY?”, “What about fruit tea?”, “You’ve not tried MY tea though”, “Go on, just try it once more”. Yes its true, no I don’t like fruit tea, I’m pretty sure your tea uses exactly the same formula as everybody else’s and no thank you because I can guarantee this time, like all the times before, I will take one sip pull an apologetic face back…

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Bright Lights of Tokyo

After two and a half weeks of camping in over 40 degree heat on the Jamboree site, it was such a relief to get back to civilisation, a comfy bed and a strong shower. Second to the relief, I was excited to see the bright lights of Tokyo. After a quick walk about and hunting down of dinner on the first evening, the first place I had to navigate my way to on the Tokyo underground (which is crazy!) was the Tokyo Sky Tree. The tallest structure in Tokyo with a huge viewing platform at the top. With my addiction…

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